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25-635000 (2)
25-635000 (2)
25-635000 (2)
25-635000 (4)

400 gal. Kettle

Product number : 25-635000

Grizzly Equip

Like all GRIZZLY kettles the 400 gallons is built to offer years of dependable and productive service. The heart of any kettle is its heating unit. This is why all GRIZZLY kettles have heating units made of factory tested round pipe.

This kettle is loaded with standard features such as a GX270 Honda engine coupled to a 60 GPM pump and safety flow valve secured on three points, lockable one piece chimney cover, anti–splash lids and engine cover. An adjustable hitch, chains and brakes make towing safer and easier.

Electrical wires are run through tubes and the side marker and fender lights are recessed for protection. Burners, hoses, regulator, draincock and thermometer are included.

Industrial jack leg
Stabilizer leg
Silicon rubber sealed covers
1000° insulation

  • Overall length: 166"
  • Overall width: 58"
  • Overall height: 83-1/2"
  • Loading height: 42-3/8"

Weight: 2300 lbs. (1045 kg)

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