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Guard Rail Post 852200
Guard Rail Post 852200
Clamp 852100
Wall Mount 852400

Guard Rail System

Product number : 25-852000


In order to satisfy our customers by providing superior quality products, GRIZZLY is proud to present a redesigned Guard Rail System more strongly built and versatile than ever!

*NEW* is 852200 Grizzly Safety Post. Now feature’s 2 lock pins in addition to the wood stud rings in order to allow more flexibility for the installation of the Guard Rail System. The wood studs are installed at 6 foot intervals where as the steel rails are installed at 10 foot intervals, saving time and lowering the number of Posts needed. The use of wood studs and steel rails combined will also allow more complex installations.

The Guard Rail Posts can be used alone or with the Wall Mount Bracket or the Clamps. When the Clamps cannot be used the Post alone can be installed by screwing directly to the parapet provided that it is solid and in good condition. The Wall Mount is useful for masonry bases. (See instructions)

Post               25-852200

Clamp           25-852100

Wall Mount    25-852400

Inferior and Superior Steel Rail     25-852300 & 25-852350

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